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Having access to every single Wifi Network was miracle? Not Anymore!

Nowdays to have an Internet Connection is very important thing. To be connected to the Internet means to have every single answer to any question using Google and other search engines, to be able to play any online game, to be able to listen every single song(download it to your computer) and on top of that to be able to communicate with all your friends and family using the social networks as Facebook and Twiter or even Skype. But as a kid or student sometimes we are unable to pay the bills for Internet Connection and thats why we have created this Wifi Hack so you can connect to your neighbors connection and have access to all the media on the Internet.

Wifi Hack

This wifi hack will crack the password of any connection you choise and will let you use it util the password is changed, then you can run the program again and gain access again. All you have to do is pick the Wifi signal you want to connect to and the program will do everything else itself and give you the cracked password. We do constant updates to the program so that it will keep working until some significant changes of operating systems will be made. It's time for WiFi Neighbors War! Are you ready?

How To Use

Step 1:Download the Wifi Hacker Tool
Step 2:Start the Wifi Hacker Tool
Step 3:Choose one HOTSPOT and enter the name in SSID field
Step 4:Select what kind of Security Type is
Step 5:Press on the HACK button. This might take more time
Step 6:Well Done!

Download WiFi Hack

Please follow instructions how to download the Wifi Hack. Thank You!

wifi hacks

We also have a bonus tool for you and that is a WiFi radar. This Wireless radar will help you to find more WiFi Hotspots so you can hack them with the Wifi Hacker Tool. This bonus tool also has utility to increase your wireless frequency.

To Download the bonus tool, first you need to share the link on the Social Networks. You need to do that 5 times. When you finish that you need to refresh the page and then you will see the Download button.

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WiFi Hack Features:

Brute-force Attack – Can do Brute-force attack with opportunity to implement your own keywords
Wifi WEP Hack - Wifi hack for any WEP protected password
Wifi WPA Hack – Wifi hack for any WPA protected password
Wifi WPA2 Hack Wifi hack for any WPA protected password
Easy - No hacking skills needed
Fast - The whole Procedure takes few minutes to few hours(Based on complexity)
Virus Free - No viruses!

Hack Status:

Undetected Virus
Last Checked: January, 01, 2014 UndetectedUndetected Virus

Hack the Radio Waves with WiFi Hack

By now it should be obvious that Wi-Fi is an incredibly ubiquitous technology, with nearly every internet-connected home having some kind of Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s probably safe to say that it has become the preferred way of connecting multiple computers to the same internet connection, especially since it doesn’t have the physical constraints of wires. And not only are homes using it, but also countless businesses, offices, and organizations, many of which are quite popular (McDonalds, Starbucks, airline companies, etc). It’s a technology that isn’t going away any time soon, and one of the side effects of its popularity is that people have also tried to hack it.

How Wi-Fi Works
On its own, Wi-Fi does not offer any kind of security. The data that you send and receive over the air is unencrypted and can be viewed by any third party with the right kind of equipment. For public hotspots this isn’t much of an issue since privacy isn’t expected anyway, but for private home or business connections it can be absolutely vital to have some form of security. Wi-Fi in particular has a few common methods of security and encryption. The classic method was called WEP, or Wireless Encryption Protocol. This was the first security protocol invented for Wi-Fi, and for a while it was pretty effective. However, its design had a few gaping holes that allowed anyone to easily obtain the password and thus gain access to the network. In response to this, the WPA and WPA2 standards were developed. WPA tightened the security, and WPA2 tightened it even further after security holes were discovered in the original WPA protocol. After WPA2 was invented, other encryption algorithms were tacked onto it in an effort to prolong its secure nature before other holes or workarounds were discovered.

Why Hack It
Not all hacking is malicious. Some of it can be as simple as someone who cannot pay for internet access, or cannot get internet access very easily. Hacking can be a way to gain access to an internet connection where a public hotspot might not be available. Most of the time it’s not meant to deceive anyone or make their life miserable; in fact, most Wi-Fi users probably wouldn’t even know if a third party gained access to their internet connection until it slows down (for example).

Software to Use
For the longest time, hacking Wi-Fi has purely been the domain of expert hackers working at a Linux terminal, entering in commands and reading information that most people wouldn’t understand. Now, however, with software like Wifi Hack, it’s as simple as following the prompts and buttons on an easy GUI in Windows. Wifi Hack can be obtained easily by following the instructions on wifi-hacks.net, where you can unlock the download and enjoy free internet access when on the go! The software includes a wide range of features including WEP/WPA/WPA2 hacking and brute force hacking. The best part about it is that it does not require any hacking skill, and can hack a hotspot in a relatively short period of time (from minutes to hours, depending on the encryption). If you’re limited on ways to access the Internet, Wifi Hack is one of the best ways to go.

About Us

We are Open Source developers, a team containing 6 peoples from 3 different continents. We only work on open source projects and our goal is to make the Internet free of use. With the wifi hack project we wanna let to all the peoples around the world have access to every single information posted on the Internet!

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